108 E. Main Street
Salisbury, MD 21801
(410) 749-1244

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Wicomico Behavioral Health Authority
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Providing resources, access, and information to consumers of the Maryland Public Behavioral Health System. 

Phone: 410-543-6981 Fax: 410-219-2876

24/7 Life Crisis hotline: 410-749-HELP (4357) or 1-800-422-0009
PRMC 24 hour hotline: 410-543-7160 

Additional Crisis/Emergency Numbers

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
Wicomico Somerset CISM Team 410-543-6981; after hours emergency 443-614-8682

CISM offers victims, survivors, witnesses, first responders and care givers disaster response by offering:

Prevention: pre-incident education and preparation

Intervention: reduce impact through symptom stabilization & reduction

Recovery: restore to functional capacity and identify those individuals who need further assessment/care

If you, or someone you know is interested in being a part of the CISM Team, please contact:

Tammy Griffin, MCHES





Wicomico Behavioral Health Authority provides assistance to consumers of the public behavioral health system receiving behavioral health treatment and rehabilitation services within the fee for service network. This assistance is obtained via a “Consumer Support Services”

Request for pharmacy assistance, transportation to behavioral health-related appointments, laboratory costs as it relates to behavioral health treatments, and other support needs that help to achieve or stabilize community placement, which include one-time annual help with first month’s rent, security deposit, utility turn on or deposit, basic household goods to establish a residence, or past due utility, rent, or mortgage if the applicant can show sustainability, referred to as a "special needs." 

All applications must be completed by a provider and are subject to evaluation and approval. Incomplete applications will be denied and returned. Anyone interested in the program, should contact their behavioral health provider for a referral. For more information call 410-543-6981.