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Nutritional Education


At every Check Pick Up visit, our staff hands out nutrition education packets in our Nutrition Ed classes. In these packets we discuss health issues and eating habits. For example, how do you get a picky eater to eat vegetables? When you come in for a certification/recertification visit we explain the importance of healthy eating. At every cert, recert and mid cert visit you normally receive sheets of different colors (depending on how many children are being seen and their ages) to fill out in regards to their eating habits. We can assist on  ideas for eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle for you and your children.

There are several things you can do to insure a healthy lifestyle. Healthy weight, daily exercise and amounts of food consumpption is key. For more information you can visit the Center for Disease and Control or talk to your service associate regarding any concerns you may have.

WIC helps you learn to create healthy, affordable meals using WIC tips and nutritious foods. Regular height and weight checks will help you understand your child's growth and development. Parents often worry about their child's eating habits... meet with WIC staff for help with your nutrition concerns. Our nutrition  education programs can help you give your infant or child a healthy start and help you be the healthy mom you want to be.